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Dress For Success!

Interview Questions & Answers


The internet has plenty of sample questions that are asked on residency interviews.  We give you the answers.  Having ample practice with these questions before your interview will ensure that you maintain your composure and answer confidently to questions.  So are you ready to answer "Why should this program be interested in you?" or "Why do you want to join this program"?

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Dress For Success!

Personal Statement Tips & Samples

Over 98% of Categorial programs require a Personal Statement as part of the ERAS application.  Too many candidates rely solely upon their USMLE score as sufficient criteria to land interviews.  While that may be true for a small group of sub-par programs, if you want to ensure interview calls from your most wanted programs, you better invest the time necessary.  Our product is designed to help you write a personal statement that is interesting and effective.

Program Directors rarely read the entire personal statement if you haven't captured their interest in the first five sentences.  Our tips and samples show you how to make your personal statement stand out and be remembered!

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Dress For Success!

Dress For Success

A significant part of a hiring decision is based on nonverbal elements in an interview--handshake, eye contact, body language, posture, listening skills, clothing, grooming and accessories. Don’t overlook the power of a good first impression. People make amazing assumptions about your professional credibility and potential performance based upon your appearance during a first meeting. It's very difficult to overcome a poor first impression, regardless of your knowledge or expertise.

Price: $4.99 (delivered instantly)