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Residency Interview Questions & Answers

We admit that there are numerous websites on the Internet that list what questions may be asked during the interview. ResidencyInterviewPrep.com is the only site that provides you the answers. We share with you answers to difficult interview questions that can be customized to your individual circumstances. Phrasing the answers in a professional, intelligent manner is half the challenge for most candidates.

Having ample practice with these questions before your interview will ensure that you maintain your composure and answer confidently to questions.  So are you ready to answer "Why should this program be interested in you?" or "Why do you want to join this program"?

Below is just a sneak peak for the type of real questions you can expect and more importantly, well phrased, succinct, and professional answers that you can adapt.

Q) What are you looking for in a training program?

Sample Response or Suggestion:

I am looking for a program that has a healthy balance of hands-on training and didactic curriculum. Specifically a program that values teaching. In addition I would like to join a program that encourages research endeavors while valuing close communication with residents and attendings. Patient diversity and good exposure to ambulatory care is also important.


Q) How do you handle adversity?

Sample Response or Suggestion:

Life is full of experiences-some are good and some not so good. I pride myself in staying calm and maintaining my composure in most situations. When faced with a difficult situation, my first instinct is to better understand the underlying causes or issues before taking any action.

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